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id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body"> Between computer love and our frustration at Apple's capricious review-unit shenanigans, today's show ends up a tiny bit off the rails. However, in the straight dish, Kinect is the fastest-selling consumer device, Safari falls to hackers in record time, AOL has some brutal layoffs, and Discovery lands safely and is headed for the museum. Sniff. --Molly

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iPad reviews are in:

House Panel Votes to Overturn Net Neutrality Rules

Kinect Confirmed As Fastest-Selling Consumer Electronics Device

iPad 2: Thin, Not Picture Perfect
iPad 2 review

Apple TV Now Has MLB.TV And NBA Live Game Streaming

Apple Safari, Microsoft IE 8 Hijacked by Hackers at Pwn2Own Contest

AOL Will Lay Off Several Hundred Employees, Starting Tomorrow

Wi-Fi proven to interfere with aircraft

Discovery returns to earth after flawless final flight

Quick Hits
Mozilla Firefox 4 Release Candidate for Windows, Mac and Linux Now Available

Sony mulls plans similar to Facebook-Warner deal

Gmail ‘Smart Labels' Separate E-Mail Into New Folders

Skype Founder, Others Invest $42 Million in Angry Birds

Apple set to open popup shop in core of SXSW action

Happy Ending
Pr0n stars to demo against .teen xxx porn HD FREE

BT #1 on AAJA!


Dear BuzzCrew,

FaceBook gets it right,for once. I recall the uproar in the recent past when FB changed your privacy settings without so much as a peep. Today I got this message and immediately thought:""Wow, FaceBook gets it right this time."" Just a heads up.
Keep up the good work,love the show

Regards Regards Regards

facebook warning



Hi Buzz Crew,

I just listened to Episode 1422, and I would argue that Dance Dance Revolution should be even higher on the scale of being considered ""actual exercise.""

Granted, many people play it casually, but you can get some serious exercise with that game when you start playing it on its hardest difficulty settings. I got really into the game in college, and without ""going on a diet"" of any sort, just from heavily playing DDR, I lost about 40 lbs. in five months!

For the curious, this was playing 30 minutes at a time, 3 times/day (total 90min/day), 3 days/week. Having tried the whole ""working out at a gym"" thing a few years later, I can say from personal experience that DDR is much more effective for weight loss than gym workouts (also considerably cheaper, and more fun).

Love the show,



Dear Computer Love,

My girlfriend of 10 months and I recently ended our relationship, on relatively good terms. It's been about a week now and neither of us have changed our Facebook relationship status back to single. I was trying to be polite and take the ""ladies first"" approach, but I am starting to think that waiting for her to go first is a bad idea. What's the appropriate amount of time after a breakup where changing your relationship status back to single won't be considered a slap in the face? In order to avoid the aftermath of posts from friends and family, would it be best to make my relationship status private before changing it, or would immediately deleting it from my wall do the trick?


Josh in Saint Louis


My wife has another man flirting with her on Facebook and she won't stop communicating with him. We've been married for 6 years (together for 9) and have a beautiful 3 year old son together. She's gone mad being a stay-at-home mom and started up facebook to interact with adults. No harm there, but some kid who was in love with her during High School was lying in wait. He friended her the first day she used it. She hasn't seen the guy in 12 years and he never asked her out in HS. Now this punk who's divorced and who's wife had an affair on him, BTW who's jobless...can't stop flirting. Thankfully they are 3 states away...but that's just 1 plane ride.
I'm a hardworking man, a provider…knocking out the mortgage, food, bills, everything. I come home and she tells me this guy crossed the line saying he can't be 'just friends'. She told him to stop and he said he would (yeah right). She told me if I trusted her, I would let her take care of this. I told her I wanted to have a quick word with him, she said that would push her farther away. I took it at face value. Now this guy is home all day making funny videos, crazy comments, and generating discussion. On the wall there are several interactions per day. I told her I'm not comfortable with this, the reply everyone deserves a second chance & I'm pushing her away. I need to recapture our spark but it's hard to bring out the best in us when I feel such a burden over her not ending contact w/this guy. Seeking answers.


Well thank you BOL.

There is this girl I have know for a number of years. Always figured she did not fancy me but I like her a lot.

Anyway was quite happy just being friend. Then you lot start mixing up funny tech news with love advice and whenever you talked about love my mind wandered to this girl.

We chat often online and meet up occasionally in real life too, not that often though as we are both busy people. So I start paying more attention to what she writes, probably looking too hard for hidden meanings.

I decide to send her a valentines card from ‘a secret admirer'. Then after a few weeks and some ambiguous comments I decide to tell her.

Her reply is sorry I don't feel the same way.

So later I ask her if she had any idea I fancied her or sent her the card and she replied no.

Now falling in love with the wrong person is something I seem to do well, done it many times in the past. I know how it ends. You tell them, they say no but let's remain friends, everytime they see you it reminds them you love them and they don't love you. Things get awkward and you talk less until you stop taking altogether.

So thanks to BOL I'm heart broken and probably lost a good friend.

Maybe I shouldn't have listened to the ‘just ask her' advice.

And this, Molly, is just one of the reasons why the modern man finds it hard to ask a girl out…

From as you can imagine, would rather not say. Anonymous


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